Sunday, April 25, 2010

New shoes!

What an insane month April has been. Writing for school and writing for work has left me with very little writing energy for here. :-( But school is over and it's only the article left and that should be done by the end of next week so I should have some writing energy left for home.

In the meantime how about some pictures?

Here's some of my latest purchases; new shoes for me! I got some extra money recently and first we went out and bought the girls new spring jackets and some new boots. The boots are great and I'd love to own a pair of each myself, but I think there's a rule about Moms and teens/tweens not wearing the same boots. At least according to my daughters there is!
So I with some money left over I told myself it was time for new shoes for me!
In the past few years I have learned that I can no longer get away with less expensive shoes from Payless and such so I figure my $200 might new me a pair of shoes. Well, I hit a great sale and ended up with 3!!! And one has heels! For those who don't know me well that's a monumental step for me as I have worn flats, flats and nothing but flats for YEARS! (I do have one pair of kitten heels in black patent)
So here are my new heels and yes, they are red! Not a bright red but rather a dark rich red that borders on being a neutral. I love them and can't wait until I'm used to wearing heels again so I can wear then at every opportunity.
Which isn't actually likely to happen but I can dream!
oh, I almost forgot - these are Clarkes and were on sale for less than 1/2 price! $75 off in fact. To me that's just about the perfect shoe; heel but low enough I'm not scared to wear them, a fantastic colour, and less than 1/2 price! Perfecto!!!
The slight discolouration you can see on the toe of the right shoe is from my sliding accident at the grocery store the first day I wore them. Seems someone had a leaking container of dish soap in their cart and I managed to  find it and do a spectacular slip and slide. Banged up my knee a bit and some other spots hurt but I'm fine. In normal light the stain is hardly noticeably.

Next up is a pair of Josef Steibels
Aren't they cute? Still a little out of my comfort zone with the gold on them but too cute to resist and also a little less than 1/2 price. These are flats though which means they'll get a lot more wear. that's okay, they're cute and should be seen a lot. I love the gold toes and I have to admit I find myself watching my feet when I walk. LOL
The third pair I didn't bother to photograph as they're very much *in* my comfort zone and therefore are pretty boring. Just nice flat black sandals. Yawn. but they were on sale too so still lovely!

Well that's it for now. But I have new patterns to share soon.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

So sad, me bad!

And here we go again. Another long wait between posts. This is not what I had planned for this you know!
On the other hand I also hadn't planned writing and article, doing Year End, a new course (with group projects - shudder) and not doing ANY sewing in the past few weeks!
I have so many sewing plans floating around in my brain that I need to work on or at least get on to paper it's scary.....and my brain is getting full!
I have managed to make some purchases for sewing though; with some bonus money I bought the 4 patterns I need for my Hallowe'en costume. I'm tired of my kids always looking better than me at Hallowe'en! I make these great costumes for them and then I go out in a (cool) witches hat and my old cape that I made for a play in high school! And *that* happened more years ago than I'm even remotely willing to admit to!!!
So I bought, from Truly Victorian patterns for - corset, petticote/bustle, skirt and polonaise. I've already bought part of the material for the polonaise too. It's this really cool hallowe'en material that's like an organza (which it's not) with foil cats on it. I'm going to do that over a nice purple (my fave colour) to make the cats really stand out. The skirt will be black and the others it won't matter because no one will see them! LOL
Before I get involved in that though, I need to make me at least one more pj shirt. After I make modification of course. I need to shrink the arm hole (and sleeve) because it's down to my waist and I need to move some ease around. I'm not built like a circle with even weight distribution like patterns seen to think. So the backs end up big and the front ends up pulling because that's where I carry my weight. :-( But I've been like this for a while now (10 years?) since after I went on Depro-provera so I just need to learn to live with it and sew for it. It's going to take some figuring but my wardrobe needs some work and I need to sew, so.....sounds like a match made in heaven.