Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This weekend the backyard said it was Spring!

Look at all those lovely snowdrops!

Today though; the backyard is snowcovered and soggy. And I'm jury rigging a fence to keep Hou-doggie in (or is that Dog-dini??)

I can't wait for real spring. Maybe then my doldrums will disappear.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guest Post

Hi, this is Cathi's daughter C. My mother has done nothing these past few months so I wanted to update the blog for her. Wasn't that nice of me? LAWL Anyway, I'm doing good, and more than my mother apparently. Guitar is going well, I can play two songs now. OK I just know the cords, I just can't get my fingers to move fast enough, I have that problem a lot. Picking classes for high school soon. That won't be fun :( Maybe I'll go into science honers, that might be fun. Oh, speaking of science, since I wanted to gross everyone out, we cut little worm things in half and now they're going to grow their bodies back. OK That's all I can think of. Hope you didn't mind me wasting your time today :P Bye <3