Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days where you think to yourself "wow, I thought this was Tuesday but it really feels like another Monday"?
I had one of those yesterday.
At the end of the day, on my way out of work, someone asked me how my day was. When I asked if they really wanted to know, and they said they did I told them if felt like a Monday, and a Monday gone bad at that.


Well, let's see - the skunk under my office is back, someone moved my new box of paper and I have no idea where it is, I have wasps already, the water tank in the bathroom is leaking and I found maintenance digging in my furnce room "getting rid of a nest" he said.

I probably should have just gone to bed at that point. LOL
But then I might have had another one of the dreams that kept me up half the night. It was one of those that you *know* is a dream because it's just too unreal, so you keep waking yourself up but you go right back to sleep and the dream starts again. Vicious cycle that!

Today is going better - I'm actually getting work accomplished instead of dealing with crisies and I actually feel pretty good. Probably because I didn't have one of those wierd dreams last night!


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