Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guest Post

Hi, this is Cathi's daughter C. My mother has done nothing these past few months so I wanted to update the blog for her. Wasn't that nice of me? LAWL Anyway, I'm doing good, and more than my mother apparently. Guitar is going well, I can play two songs now. OK I just know the cords, I just can't get my fingers to move fast enough, I have that problem a lot. Picking classes for high school soon. That won't be fun :( Maybe I'll go into science honers, that might be fun. Oh, speaking of science, since I wanted to gross everyone out, we cut little worm things in half and now they're going to grow their bodies back. OK That's all I can think of. Hope you didn't mind me wasting your time today :P Bye <3


  1. This is what happens when you mention you haven't updated your blog in a while and then go walk the dog.
    Don't do it!! LOL