Monday, April 18, 2011

A Winning Scarf

A while ago Sally over at Already Pretty (one of my favorite blogs - check it out if you don't read it already!) did a give away for a 360 scarf from Winter Scarf. I thought it was a neat concept and since it was open to international entries, entered and forgot about it knowing I'd never win.

Ha! Shows you what I know!

I did win, got to pick my colour and my size (yep they have sizes, because of how they're made) and once I got it...fell in love!

It's a really neat concept in that it's kind of like an old fashioned ascot sort of thing with velcro. Go to the site, they explain it MUCH better! LOL

Here's what it looks like (picture is from the website and hopefully I'll be forgiven for borrowing it for my little review )

Bottom line is that I got it, thought it was interesting, wore it a couple of times and became a complete convert to it. I totally love my scarf and I wear it pretty much every day. I especially love to wear it walking the dog because there's lots of bending over for the picking up, dog poop! Which is the LAST time in the world that you want to scarf to untie and drop down onto the ground! Or worse, miss the ground. Ewwwwww.
That's never a problem with the 360 scarf. It never falls or untucks or gets into my face when I'm bending over or wrestling with the dog. It's total heaven. Plus, since I got mine in the plum and pink it's a lovely pop of colour up by my face too! And we all know how that can make you feel better...about walking a dog in freezing rain...okay, it might not make you feel better then, but the colour is great and when it's horrible out you can tuck your chin into the folds of the scarf and keep warm! LOL

Anyway, I love this scarf and if you're tired of scarves untucking or flopping in your face you should think about getting one! Plus they have cool matching accessories. I think I need to treat myself to the hat for next winter since (theoretically) this winter is over (if you ignore the snowfall last Thursday!!!!!)


(PS - I didn't get this scarf in trade for a review, I won it fair and square and just love it so much I wanted to share!)

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