Monday, June 4, 2012

What is or isn't sewing?

I was getting ready to write todays post (it was going to be about how I didnt sew this weekend) when I started to think about the things I*did* do this weekend; mended some stuff, restyled a shirt so Id actually wear it, hemmed a pair of pants and spun some lovely wool.
Of the 4 main things (besides laundry, grocery shopping and dishes..ick) I got done this weekend 3 of them included a needle and thread so why dont I, at first "glance", consider that sewing?

An interesting question that made me think. 

Is it because I think of sewing as a creative process? Possibly. Sewing has always been one of my creative outlets and I love that sense of accomplishment I get when I have taken a pile of papers, materials, and threads and turned them into something else. Within that narrow definition then what I did this weekend would not qualify as sewing. But then, if not sewing.what? The major components of sewing were all there; scissors, needles, thread, a plan.
Perhaps its that there is a difference between Sewing and just sewing to me and Sewing involves some creative process to me.
Something to think about. ;-) 


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