Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bonus day off

Today I took an extra day off to extend the holiday weekend we had in BC. Well, in reality I took it because I had a dentist appointment but I'm trying to forget that part. LOL
Going to the dentist is one of my LEAST favorite things.Not because of my dentist; he's great! It's because of a bunch of deep-seated childhood issues with dentists. Fortunately Dr U understands it's not him I hate and still works on me.

That wasn't the bonus part though the bonus was making sure I knew how to deal with my appointment so it didn't ruin my day. So here we have Rules to deal with the Dentist;

1) Take the day off. That way you don't have to get right back to work and pretend it's all okay when you really feel like crud.

2) Take painkillers before you go. I always feel like my face has been used for a hammer throw target (even just for a cleaning!) so this is an important step for me.

3) Book your appointment early, then come home and go back to bed!

I think #3 was the secret to today's success. By the time I woke up almost all of the freezing was out and I felt like a human being again. Human enough to even go out and do a little Hallowe'en thrifting. Now I have a man's pullover to remake into a Hogwart's cardigan. Hmmmm

On top of that I also got some sewing done. My working muslin is almost done. Maybe tomorrow? And then I will take some pictures too. But right now C wants to go buy some iTunes with her card so....



  1. I am with you! I hate the dentist!! Those are good tips though! I am interested to see your Hogwart's cardigan - that should turn out cute!!

  2. Thanks Jess. Poor dentists, they try and do good work and we still all hate them. LOL
    The cardigan is still in my head; haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do it yet. When it's done, I'll make sure to post pictures though!