Friday, August 13, 2010

Already a good weekend!

So here it is only Friday and it's already a good weekend for me. Why?

First, my wearable muslin t-shirt (dress) is finished! That means I can finally take that colour off the machine and get working on something else! Namely the real t-shirt and a ton of Hallowe'en projects.

Second, I heard from my BFF (who is coming up for a visit this weekend) that the tie for C's costume is in and BFF will bring it with her today. Yay! That's one thing off the loooong Hallowe'en list AND it gets me the colour that I need to use for the lining of the Hogwarts robe.

Third, I won some purple (I LOVE purple) wool fabric on eBay and it should be shipping soon. I might use it for *my* robe for Hwe'en, not sure yet as the pattern for that isn't done yet so I don't know how much material I need.
I don't really care, if I get to use it for the robe; cool. If not...well it's purple and I'll make something else! Maybe the coat my robe pattern was originally designed for. I'm taking Butterick 5144 a Retro pattern and making it longer so the back touches the floor. So if 5 isn't enough for the robe maybe I need a new fall coat...?

Fourth, I won a prize! Sarah over at Rhinestones and Telephones  had a draw and I won a pattern! I've never won anything from a blog give-away before so I'm really thrilled! And she's a fellow Canuck! Yay!!!

Well, time to go cut out the t-shirt and get working on that, new pictures soon, I promise!


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