Thursday, November 25, 2010


Why shh?

I just got back from walking the dog and the one thing I noticed is how quiet it was on the side roads. It's snowing again (again!) and it always seems to make the word quiet.
All I heard was the crunch of the snow, the jingle of Scooby's leash as he snuffled around and the pft of the flakes landing on and sliding off my hood. So quiet and peaceful I had to stop..and nothing.


It's also a shh day because I'm supposed to be at work and I'm not! But don't tell!
My library is closed and I was supposed to go work with another librarian on one of our many extra projects but she says the roads are horrible so....I'm starting my vacation a day early! If the weather clears I'll probably head out while I'm on vacation and we'll work on the project then. It's not like it's urgent and really, spending time with another librarian, especially J who's "TOSO"  (that's The Other Sane One) isn't much like work anyway so it will be a nice day even if some people will think I'm crazy to "work" on a day off.

Now, off to do some vacation type sew! 


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