Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Can you be petite and not...at the same time?

It was a holiday weekend recently here and for me that means sewing!
I was working on two seperate projects but both of them led me to that above question.

The fist project is DD1's prom dress. Yes, I get to make her dress and honestly, I'm thrilled. A little scared, but thrilled.
Here's the pattern we're using, McCalls 6893 and here's a picture of the view we're working on.


At the same time I was working on a Tonic T from Skiin Bitch Curvy Chicks for myself.
 Now they are technically a company for petites and at 5'7" I shouldn't fit into that.

In the course of test fitting DDs dress and straight cutting (after comparing to t-shirts I already own)  I discovered that the best fit occured when I took out 3/4 of an inch from DD1s bodice and left my t-shirt alone. Even after knowing that others lengthened the t-shirt by up to 4"s.
(DD is only a wee bit shorter than I - 5'6")

My conclusion - neither of us are "regular" petites but we're probably both "top half petites". This is something that NEVER would have occured to me before but it's pretty hard to ignore and it sure explains why t-shirts can be very long on both of us.

Things that make you go Hmmmm

My next topic - different sizes front and back? LOL


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