Monday, July 21, 2014

The Prom dress - finished!

Well, I know I teased you all with a post that included the fact that I was making my eldest daughter's prom dress so here it is.

I used McCalls 6893 and some lovely fabric from Fabricland, with some ribbons for the straps.
The blue was a bit of a pain to sew but once I figured out what it needed (to be held taut while sewing) it went well.
There were a number of fittings to get the top correct and I did not add any boning as a) I've never done boning before and b) her bra already had some.
I also didn't do an invisible zipper as that's something else I've never done.

The top has about an inch more coverage than the original as neither my daughter nor I was happy with the amount of clevage showing. There were some adjustments for a full bust but I think I kind of did it backwards (taking in at the top and sides) rather than doing an FBA. Eh, it worked, who cares how! I also shortened the bodice (see previous post) and added that length to the skirt (which was needed) as a precation

Since it did take so much work and the fit is quite lovely now I'm taking the rest of the material used for the skirt muslin (a thrift store sheet that's really nice material)  and making her a white summer dress. Why waste a good fitting, right? I'll be adding pocket to the sundress version because everyone needs pockets!

Here's another picture of C and her beau B. Aren't they cute?

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