Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yikes! It's been so long!

I cannot believe how long it's been since I last posted! This was not my intention at all. My bad!

So, what have I been up to? Well, not much really. I've been working on the kimono and that has been very fiddely up until now. I discovered that while the material was lovely it was a monster! It will start shredding if you look at it! I swear.

So cutting out went like this - measure 1 piece, cut, serge a side IMMEDIATLEY! After that I cut a million strips of iron on interfacing and then proceeded to iron strips on every edge. I'm hoping that will be enough to get this through sewing and at least one wearing.

The sewing has gone well since the interfacing stage, although not as much sewing as I would like.  Next weekend I'm kicking DD1 out of her "room" and claiming my sewing room back!
She started sleeping in there (it doubles as the guest room) this summer when her room got too hot. She hasn't moved back, she's a teen and sleeps late and it's cutting into my weekend sewing time! Normally it's not a big deal but I'm working with a deadline here! LOL.

I have managed to get the kimono to test fitting stage and all are happy with it except for the front extenstion. It's waaaaaaay lower than I like, so last night while watching Mamma Mia (thank you library!) I unpicked that seam. I'll try and get that resewn today. It will take some piecing, but as it's the under portion I don't really care. Ha! (letting go of perfectionism isn't easier but when you don't have any more material.....ya kinda have to. lol)

Nothing much else exciting to report (maybe that's why I haven't blogged?) but I feel like I've been busy. Hmmm. I have done some baking, and lots more home cooking so maybe that's why. I made the great soup from a while ago again. This time I doubled the batch! That got us through dinner and lunch the next day with 2 extra kids around AND I got lunch at work out of it. I think I impressed myself with that.
Next time maybe I won't have all the extra people for lunch and I'll get more than one lunch for me? That would be lovely as I do like having a nice warm soup for lunch, especially at this time of year. Although, to be fair we have been having a lovely start to the year. It has been much dryer and warmer than usual and since January and February are usually soooooo dreary, it's been nice.

Well, nothing else to report. hopefully I will have pictures of a finished Kimono soon. Ta!

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