Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The book I'm working from

Tonight I thought I'd show some pictures of the book I'm going to be using to draft my basic sloper.

There is a large Women's one and then a smaller book for drafting kid's clothes.

They are by M Rohr (sorry, the front cover is all blotchy, I got it that way) and the main section is copyrighted 1948 with some pages in the front (in green) copyrighted 1950.
The Children's one is copyrighted 1947.
This is a picture of the first page; it's a hip length dress foundation in 1/4 in scale with a Neck and Armhole guide. Cool huh?

To the left - the first page of actual "work" telling you what measurement you'll be starting with.
To the right - the illustrated index of what patterns you can learn to draft. There's everything from coats to pinafores to nightgowns. The gorgeous suit on the opposite of the index is from a magazine and was in the book when I bought it. I love it! Could never wear it, but I love it. The book had another magazine picture in the back. I'll photograph that later. It also has some little notes in it which are neat.


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