Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First two days of vacation.

I love vacation! So far in my first two official days of vacation (I don't count the weekend as they're just....normal) I have gotten a ton more sewing done than in the last I don't know how long!

Yesterday I got most of C's apron cut out (I had forgotten to make a medium of one piece) and some pinning done. Yay!

Today, even with doing a bunch of pre-camp thrift shopping I got a new apron pattern (for Little Miss C - my BFFs daughter) drafted, got it cut out and all the edges hemmed and got the first part of the embellishment sewn.

When we visit last month I totally forgot that L'il Miss C's b'day was fast approaching and we didn't leave anything behind for her. When I remembered I was just entering apron mode and her mom agreed that a pink apron with some kitties and some lace would be greatly appreciated.

So first I drafted the pattern. I used a basic pattern I got from Martha S for the general shape, used a size 5 dress I still had around (it was S's) for some of the sizing and measurement from her mom for the rest.

I think it looks pretty good. As you can see I'm using some scrap from my Pink Kitty Apron. I can't find the rest of the plain pink (put it somewhere safe???) so I'm using a lovely textured sheet I bought a while ago at the thrift store. Who knows what the rest will become, but you're sure to see it some time!
This is the basic apron with the first "pocket" just laying on it. 
It's cute but...

I don't think it's quite enough, so, let's try some eyelet lace.....
Yeah, that's a little more girly, don't you think? I do too.
Next it will get a bigger rectangular pocket and some ties. I'm not quite sure what to make the ties out of but I'm sure something will come to me.


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