Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Progress and another apron

So, some progress has been made on the sewing room.
I now have my sewing table and both machines upstairs, the cutting table and the iron and ironing board upstairs. And they're all in the same room! In the basement I had  them split amongst two rooms. One of which C took over last summer saying her room was too hot to sleep in. Which was fine but it's hard to sew when you've got a teenager sleeping in the room with the sewing machine and serger!

So now that the room is a little more finished (although I'm really only using 1/2 right now) it's time to get some sewing done.

 1st up is another apron for me and one for C too - she looks silly with her skinny little self in my apron!

Here's a pic of the material. My background colour will be blue, C's will be (what else!) pink. Now I just have to do the prewash and copy out the pattern pieces in her size. Not my favorite thing :-(


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