Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back on-line again. Yay!

First I forgot my camera in Seattle 2 weekends ago. So my BFF drove up the next weekend and brought my camera to me (and my cell phone and the magazine I was reading). That was last weekend.
She and L'il Miss C left around 4 pm on Sunday and when I went to check email and blogs etc....I had no internet! Still no posting!

I also had fuzzy TV and no Vonage phone. :-( Fortunately I had spent the early part of Sunday dropping the girls off at camp so there was no one at home to listen to whine about no TV. >grin< Monday I phoned the cable company and after almost 1/2 hour on hold they agreed, there was a problem in the area.
Turns out that problem, wasn't *my* problem. I finally got through again on Thursday when they told me the problem in my area had been fixed and said they'd send a tech out to look at my problem on Saturday. Oh yippee.

But, it's over it's fixed and we only had one night and the early part of a morning with kids at home (whining about the TV) before it was dealt with. Now if they'd only change their 20 note on hold song, I'd love my cable company again. lol

In the meantime I know what people want and it's not to listen to my excuses it's to see pictures!

First off we have L'il Miss C in her new apron. She was thrilled with it and now can cook with Momma! She'll also wear it to eat strawberries and keep her clothes clean! LOL

Next is C in her new re-done dress. We bought this a little while ago but knew we'd have to shorten it because it was too long on her. So, as part of my Make and Mend July, here you have a newly wearable dress - 4 inches shorter and much more appropriate for a typical teen.

I also finished C's apron while I was computer less. This covers 2 things from Make and Mend July; the patterned material is from the stash (use fabric you already own) AND (obviously) it's for someone else.

I love two-fers!

Here's the back of it, where you can see the covered buttons there.
I added 8 covered buttons (2 large, 6 small) for some visual interest. C loved the idea and I had fun making the buttons. I can see more of those in my future!

I managed to sneak in my last Make and Mend July this week too.
It's just for a simple t-shirt but it's one of the first things (beside and apron!) that I have made for myself in a while and it's not straight out of the package....which never really fits and I wonder why i do it? But that's for another post I think. This is enough for today.


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