Saturday, July 3, 2010

So many projects...

... and so little initiative.
I have a ton of stuff to sew and all I got done today was one mending job. :-(

I'm not feeling the best today and I'm a little sad so I guess it showed in my sewing. My BFF was supposed to come visit from Seattle yesterday and instead I got a phone call explaining that she'd been sick all week and just released from the hospital. ACK!

So, she really needed to spend some time at home with her daughter who missed her terribly and rest. If you can do that with a 4yo around. LOL On the other hand how much rest do you get in the hospital?!?

We're going to see if we can get a dog-sitter and maybe go down there to visit next week. If that doesn't work...who knows, we still have the rest of summer to figure this out. But I miss her, and so do my girls.

So, no sewing, but I did get to accomplish one of my list of things to do. See, I've joined New Vintage Lady in her Make and Mend July project. It kind of works with my usual philosphy anyway but I thought it would be nice to have a plan.
Here's her lovely image that explains it all.

Now, I'm not sure if I'm tweaking the rules a bit because a lot of my planned sewing already fits into the plan....but I think she'll let me off on it. At least I hope so.
For today when I wasn't really feeling well enough to do anything major, I decided to grab one of my mends and get it done. As of today C has her pink tank top back and she no longer has to wear it with a safety pin holding the strap on! Yay for New Vintage Lady prodding me! Trust me, she'll get all the credit.
Tomorrow maybe I'll dig out one of my mends...or is it a remake? The weather man says it's going to be hot here later this week so I was thinking I should *finally* fix a sleeveless T I bought....well, let's just say a while ago. It fits me generally but it's too big under the arms.

In the meantime I did get up enough energy to get S into her 1909 skirt and take some pictures. She was already wearing the top and it wasn't raining so it seemed like the perfect time.
This is the skirt that I made when she told me she needed something "1900's" for her school celebration. She told me this Tuesday and she needed it by Friday!
Well, some quick shopping and some quicker sewing and this is what she got.

Here's a side picture and you can see the fullness effect in the back and how the back is a little longer than the front.

A back shot so you can see the fullness. In a skirt where I had a little more time the fullness would have been gathered or pleated and there would have been a back closure. On this one it's gathered by elastic and is pulled over. Not period correct but good enough for the project.
And a lovely front shot to show the nice flat front that was typical of the time...I guess - not really my time frame but hey, not bad for a couple of evenings work!

And now for two silly picture of our furry terror; Zoe! This is what S did with her the other day when Zoe wouldn't leave her alone. That's S's laundry basket Zoe is in.


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