Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bias Binding is not my friend

Not that I don't like bias binding, I do! I just can't seem to ever get it on easily and this apron in the works is all bound with bias binding.

Which basically is all I've done today. Well, that and watch The Aviator and drive kids around. LOL

For me, sewing bias binding goes like this; pin the heck out of it, sew it on, then look for all the spots where I didn't catch the material in the binding, unpick a whole bunch of sewing so I can go back and sew all that back in, tie a whole mess of knots, do the sewing, tie more notes. Whew! No wonder I'm tired, LOL

It's done now though and all I need to do is the button and snap for the back closure and some more embellishment we decided on (after I get some more supplies tomorrow) and the apron will be done! Just in time for my camera to come back home.

So hopefully, pictures tomorrow.

And if anyone has any hints on how to sew bias binding on without driving yourself bonkers...I'm all ears! 


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