Sunday, October 17, 2010

Progress but no pics

Hey there!

Just a quick note to say "no, I haven't fallen off the ends of the earth" and "yes, sewing has been done."

I have been sewing like a crazy lately but nothing is at a stage to be photographed yet so no progress pictures.
So far I have gotten the lining in my jacket, but then realized I forgot the shoulder pads and the jacket and lining are cut to include them. Nurtz!
While I waited to buy those I worked on the muslin for Miss C's skirt. It came out pretty well so I sewed the real one up with the adjustments and it is waiting for closures and a hem. I'll probably take that into work so I can sew that on my lunch.
Meanwhile at home this week  I will be working on the Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. Oh! That reminds me, I need to measure Miss S to see how big to make the stencil.

Friday is is ProD day for Miss S so hopefully I can get the skirt and the t-shirt done for the party we're going to on Saturday. There should be pics by then. Keep your fingers crossed!


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