Monday, December 13, 2010


Finally I have my quiet house back.
Finally I have some time to do a post
Finally I have done some sewing!

I have been off since the last week of November (yay me) but I have been so busy (at mostly non-sewing stuff) that my blog has been sadly neglected.

The first week I was off I went into a flurry of cleaning and re-organizing. Anyone looking in the window would have thought it was Spring since it looked more like I was spring cleaning than anything else.
Why was a cleaning instead of sewing you ask? (Well, you'd ask if you knew me since you'd know I HATE cleaning!) The answer is ....I really have no idea. I mean I know it started because I was going to have my BFFs daughter L'il Miss C visit with us for a week but seriously, I never clean like that!
It was really like I would rather clean that week than sew! Which is sooooo not me.

So there went week one off and week two was L'il Miss C. I tell you, you forget very quickly how much energy a 4 year old takes. I thought "pshhh I've had 4 year olds in my life...twice! I can handle this!" I\ll never listen to myself again, I know nothing! Nothing!!!

During the week she was here I did manage to finish off the two aprons that were going home with her. Mostly by waiting until my girls were home so they could distract her!
Of course because she was here and we were alone during the best daylight hours I don't have any completed apron pictures for you. But here's a picture of L'il Miss C's before all the ties went on (and all the thread were cut) It gives you the general idea though.

The neck tie will be elastic last L'il Miss C's last apron and the ties will be ...well, ties!

Her momma's apron is pretty much the same although I added some green stripes around the Santa's to make her pocket bigger and her neck tie has a D ring so it's a little more adjustable. 

Tomorrow I will try and post about today's sewing but until then...cute cat picture!
This is Todd and he's my silly boy. He loves to get attention by rolling around and looking cute. Today he tried that on my ironing board and almost fell off! Ah the time when you wish you had a camera. Here's how he looks most mornings while I sit at the computer eating my breakfast and reading my Reader.

Silly boy.


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