Monday, November 16, 2009

No Sewing Sunday

Lot's of sewing planned for yesterday and not a bit of it done :-(

But I did get more spinning done, so the day wasn't a total loss. I bought some pretty pencil roving at my last Spin-In in September and I'm almost done spinning it. Which is pretty amazing since it's a 1/2 lb (I think that's the biggest lot I've ever bought) and I only bought it in September. I have no idea of the breed of sheep this came off, it's from Louet and says 100% wool top. Not very helpful huh?

Oh well, doesn't matter, it's still a nice roving to spin and that's what counts. It's a lovely colour too. It's called Mulled Wine. It's a deep red with some purple and bits of yellow. The yellow is pretty bright in the roving but muted in the spun yarn. I like it like that personally but I might have been disappointed if I wanted that bright contrast.

If I get a couple of quiet evenings this week I might even get this done and then wonders of wonders, I will have spun up BOTH batches of wool I bought in September. Spun up in the same year?!?!?! That's a bloody miracle! Now if only I could actually get something made with it. LOL But I guess for me, the fun is in the spinning. Hmmmmm

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