Monday, November 9, 2009

A sewing weekend

I actually managed to get some sewing done this weekend. Yay me!
I was worried that after the big rush of sewing I did before Hallowe’en finishing things up, I would be burnt out (I’ll post about that later, to catch up). And with the list of stuff I have to do…that would be bad! That would be very bad! LOL

But not so and I’m very happy about that. Friday (I only work a 4 day week so Friday counts as part of my weekend) I started sewing C’s (DD1's) pajama pants that she was supposed to get last year for Christmas. I love sewing pj pants! They go together so quickly and are so gratifying. Don’t ask me why they didn’t get done for Christmas, I honestly can’t remember except that maybe I was burnt out from Hallowe’en then too?

Ah, doesn’t matter why, just matters that they’re done now and out of my “Sewing To Do” book. They got finished (just the elastic needed to be fitted) on Saturday and have been worn ever since.

They are about a foot too long but C says “they cover my feet and keep them warm so I don’t have to wear socks”. Teen logic – gotta love it (or go crazy!).

Sunday the girls and I took off with a couple of their friends to the Fun Park. I have to take something to do when we go because not a lot of the games excite me. Usually I take something to read and something to do with my hands when my brain gets tired of reading or I can’t concentrate because of the noise and music. (The Fun Park is never a quiet place!) This time I took along my newest spindle and some fibre I had bought at the last Spin-In I attended. I didn’t get anything spun though; the chairs in the seating area weren’t conducive to such a large spindle. I will remember that and bring along a smaller one next time.

I also brought along S’s (DD2) pea coat from Hallowe’en. It is now her fall coat for real life (what can I say? I like to make things with more than one use.) I sat and sewed on the last 4 buttons so now the coat is officially a double breasted coat. I didn’t have time to get the buttons on for Hallowe’en but that’s typical of me; there’s always *something* that isn’t quite done when it comes to trick-or-treating. This year it was buttons (for S) and a covering (shawl or whatever you want to call it) for C, usually it’s hems LOL.

That's it for today, more about Hallowe'en sewing later.

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