Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Quiet day off

Nothing special got accomplished today although I did get a couple of little jobs off the to-do list.

Another adjustment was made to the dog's coat. Hopefully this will be the last one as, honestly, fixing stuff is my least favorite type of sewing. I have already put a buckle across the front as the velcro just wasn't cutting it and now a buckle and some elastic is in the belly band. I hope that will help until such time as I can find the pattern and make Scooby a new bigger coat. Although it's a large this one just doesn't seem to be big enough; especially around the neck.
Do dogs get the thick neck that horses get if they're not neutered? We got Scooby when he was (supposedly) 2 and he wasn't neutered so ....would that make his neck thicker than normal? Thicker than the pattern would have expected?
If anyone knows, feel free to enlighten me!

I also got the dress cover done for C's dress that we found. It's a gorgeous wedding dress we found at a local store. It's in great shape and they only wanted $50 for it!
Compare that to an older dress with stains and damaged beading at another thrift store in town - $125!!!!!
We got a steal and we know it!
Because of that I wanted to protect it so it now has a zippered cover that used to be a sheet. LOL It's nothing fancy, just a sheet sewed up the side with a zipper in the bottocm and a fitted top to go down over the hanger. I'm not sure what we're going to use the dress for; Hallowe'en maybe? But we want it to be nice when we decide.

No other sewing done today but I did get some spinning done. I haven't spun in a while so it was nice to sit down, watch the rest of NCIS and NCIS: LA and have a quiet spin. The girls were downstairs so it was the perfect relaxing moment. The wool is a lovely lilac and mauve BFL that I bought in April at a local event. We went looking for some fibre for S's rug that I was making and I couldn't resist the colour and softness of this bundle. I bought the one she had all weighed out and the rest of it before she even had it ready for sale. LOL
I'm spinning it rather thick and I have no idea what it's going to end up being, but here's a look at it on the wheel.

It's just about time to walk the dog, we'll see if I can get a picture of his fixed coat. TTFN

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