Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apron picture

Alrighty! Here's some pictures of my new apron. The first of many I think.
I can see needing more of these for sure. Like one for Christmas and one for Hallowe'en, and one....just because! LOL They're fun and functionally and really, can someone only have one apron? I don't think so!
Besides I'm sure I have more material that I bought for the girls when they were little and never used. For example on top of the kitties was a white material with fruit of some kind. Sounds good for an apron, yes? With it being a white background I think I would change it up a bit and probably use that for the top sides that are pink here, then use a solid for the middle and bottom. Somehow I don't think white would be as forgiving to food mess as the kitties will be.
Hey, did you know that May 10th was National Apron Day? I'm pretty sure that's only in the US but still, how funny that just a few weeks later I have my first apron made. Hmmm I wonder if I read about it somewhere and then my subconscious spit out the idea to me later. 
Well, that's it for today. I have to go check in the stash and see what I have for aprons and then plan some more sewing. 


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