Friday, May 28, 2010

Apron progress

Can you believe it? 2 days in a row I got sewing done. My dream of a new apron could well come true before the end of the weekend! YAY.
So today I got all the parts sewn together except for the ties, which go on later. I got to the fabric store and picked up my bias binding. I decided on black. It should be a nice and bold contrast. What do you think?

I was originally thinking of white but then thought - not for me in a kitchen! Not a good mix people. It would be like oil and water....or worse LOL
So, the binding is about 70% done but I'm getting tired and it's getting darker and I don't have great light in the pink room yet. Plus I've already sewn off the edge once so it's time to quit for today. After all, it's only Friday so I still have 2 more days to finish it.


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