Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sewing Room Progress

My apologies for confusing everyone by seeming to post 2 entries the same day. The last post was actually written May 3rd but my computer ate it or something.
Now for todays actual post.
Progress has been made! I now have a cutting surface installed in the Pink Room (since it's not really the sewing room and C isn't using it we're compromising and calling it the pink room - her walls are all pink) and I need it because Miss S came home yesterday and told me she need something to wear that's "1909".
And she needs it by Friday!

It's her school's 100th birthday this year and her class is 1909. well, never one to resist a costuming challenge we got the cutting table moved upstairs and got some material and researched an "okay" skirt for 1909. It's loosely based on this pattern at the Costumer's Manifesto. Not as fancy, elastic waist for speed and convenience and shorter of course.
I drafted the pattern this afternoon at lunch and cut it out tonight.
Sew tomorrow might actually get done on time; fastest costume I've ever done. But now, I need to get back to work.


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