Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A new sewing room

No actual sewing progress was made this weekend but some sewing prep is definitely in the works.

This weekend I read through some more sewing stuff and worked on clearing out my DD1s room in prep for making it the sewing room, at least in the short term. Originally when we moved in to this house I picked one of the downstairs rooms as my sewing room/guest room. It wasn't the best solution as it's a small room and my cutting table ended up in the room across the hall, but it wasn't too bad.
Then last summer C said her room was too warm in the summer (she has a loft bed and LOTS of sun in her room) and she moved into the guest room.
Well, I have to tell you that a sleeping teenager does not make for a lot of work going on in the sewing room. And I have a lot of work planned.
First up are these patterns.

And these.
 Yes, I'm going to have something new to wear for Hallowe'en for once! But only if I start soon.

Plus we've decided to think about getting back into the SCA and that's going to involve sewing and C has said she wants a set of these! And that's some major sewin' baby!!!
Since she agreed to pay half the cost of the patterns, I have to think she's serious.
And of course if big sister gets new garb then little sister will want some too! Yeah, I need a room for sewing that's not inhabited by a teenager!  


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