Thursday, May 27, 2010


Finally some time at the computer when I'm not being nagged (both dd's are mad at me right now)

Finally caught up on the laundry from the weekend away and sewing plans (adapting patterns figuring out needs vs wants and adjusting patterns) .

Finally a day without a list of errands to do.

Finally some sewing! and it's for me!!!!

That's right, after spending almost all of my week off (okay technically 3 days, since Monday was a holiday and Friday's I usually have off anyway) running around doing errands I finally had a day to myself to spend sewing.

Ironically I spent the day sewing Simplicity 3544 (a retro apron pattern, view A...mostly) while watching Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile. Ironic because a good part of the movie is about feminism, women's rights and getting out of the kitchen and being Susie Homemaker with the perfect house and the perfect family.
No worries, I love a bit  of good irony now and again and since I'm making the choice for this apron I think Julia's character Katherine would be okay with it.
The move also has some great costuming (when I was actually watching and not sewing) and I think it's a movie I could watch again and that my girls should see. They should now that the freedom of choice that they have now wasn't always there.

On to the sewing.
So first I took the pattern and did some modifications. I NEED an apron (I'm a messy cook and I'm tired of changing after dinner LOL) and I need one quickly so I started by eliminating some of the curved details that would make it slower to sew; namely off the pocket and off the bottom. I kept the shoulder curves 'cause I like them and I'm funny that way!
I also some width to the front and the back (easiest place to do them and I'm being all about speed with this!) as the pattern isn't big enough for me.
Once I finished with that it was time to see what I had to make it out of. Since we went to Seattle for the long weekend and did a fair bit of shopping (hey! We had $13 left in the amount we could claim! LOL) I needed to be able to source this from the stash.
I couldn't find enough of anything to make the apron but eventually I did find two that sort of went together and that I hoped would be enough. With some judicious placement they were although I will admit to ignoring grain lines where necessary. Heck, it's an apron, who cares right?
The pattern one I'm pretty sure I bought for C when she was little; she's 13 now and wouldn't be caught dead in it. The plain....not sure! Here's how they look together
Don't you just love the cute kitty?He has some cute friends too!
As of right now I have almost all the sewing done except for the ties (forgot to cut them out) and the bias binding around the edges. I'll probably bye white binding tomorrow but....I'm going to go cut out the ties now. 


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