Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ahhh the perfect afternoon/evening

Today I had just about the perfect afternoon/evening.
What makes a perfect a/e?
It starts with the house all to myself, then a new Nora Roberts book and some quiet music.
Follow that with some comfort food for dinner and then a turn in the sewing room. Undisturbed!
Yep, can't get much better than that!

Tonight I got the fronts and the sleeves cut out for my "Frugal PJs" They're looking quite colourful.
I missed a cuff piece for the sleeve though so I still have that and the back neck facing to cut out tomorrow and I can get some sewing done. Yay!
It occurred to me today that extending the bottom down to below hip length I might have made the bottom too narrow. But then I figured I'll just baste from the waist down and if I need to I'll add some side gussets to add width for my hips. Fuinny how in the past the thought of something not working right away would have freaked me and now....I just stop and think for a minute and come up with a solution. Yeah, there are some good things about age! LOL It's Patience and Wisdom!

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