Thursday, December 24, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

 That's right folks, that means I'm finished the Christmas Pyjamas and it's not even Christmas Eve yet.
I actually finished them.....wait for it.....yesterday! So they were done one day early! YAY
See I'm a procrastinator and that usually means getting stuff done in time but finishing, what ever it is I'm working on, at the last minute (or maybe leaving off a detail or two like the extra buttons on S's Hallowe'en coat LOL). I have even been known to be finishing a hem on the way to the event.
(I did find out a couple of years ago that, that might be a bit of a family tradition as my Aunt was finishing up her dress on the way to the wedding! Not that I've ever been that bad....noooooo. Okay, maybe, but it wasn't MY dress for MY wedding day! LOL)

What's really funny about procrastinating is sometimes to avoid working on one thing I will work on something else entirely and then get that done too! That's what happened this time at least. While not working on S's pj's I managed to start, rip out (too wide) and finish a scarf for C from the 2 aplaca rovings I finished spinning this month.
Weird huh?
Here's the yarn in a ball, the scarf and then a close-up of what's supposed to be a C at the bottom. It's been a long time since I've crocheted anything so my tension probably isn't the best, plus this hasn't been blocked or anything.

And here's some pictures of the new pyjamas and the pattern I used for the top (bottoms were from a previously used pyjama pattern that I've used twice before). The pattern really didn't quite suit the material as you can't see the yoke details but hey, I didn't pick either so it's not my fault. LOL
I used the pattern as sized but copied the medium with the large length. I'm glad I did, it's just barely long enough as it is.

One thing - lately I've discovered a love for vintage. I'm slowly developing a collection of vintage reproduction patterns from the big 3 (gotta love those sales!) and I'd like to collect some real vintage patterns. I've been reading about them for a while now and here's the thing I noticed; in the past I would have just cut what I needed out of the pattern for S's pyjamas, but after reading about vintage patterns and having them cut or uncut or cut to a single size, it occurred to me that one day - my patterns might be considered vintage and collectable and therefore *I* shouldn't cut them to one size or such either.
In the past when multi-sized patterns were something new to me I used to cut to my size but keep the extra bits "just in case". Then when pattern co.s started having the 99 cent sales and such I'd just buy multiple copies. But now....I'm going down a new path and trying to preserve patterns. Funny how we change, huh?

 Here's a couple pics of the details. First, the buttons; snowflakes for the snowflake pattern on the material. Too much? Eh, S likes it so who cares, right? It's not like she's wearing it out in public anytime soon!

I know it's hard to see, but this is the detail stitching I did on the hems and such. Kinda hard for something to show up on such a busy pattern but I know I can't get away without's a tradition!   ;-)

I'm  off for another week after Christmas so I'm thinking I might try and get C's costume pictures up.

I'm not sure what's next on my sewing list. Not that I don't have anything to do, it's just that after a busy sewing for Hallowe'en and then pyjamas I'm going to need either something easy or something that really engages me to get me back to the machine.
Of course I'd also like a new pyjama shirt/nightgown for me...... I have the pattern and I plan to use bits left over from the girls pyjamas from years gone by. With 2 girls and making pyjamas for at least 10 years, I should have enough, right?
Hmmm, maybe I should go find out.........

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