Monday, December 28, 2009


So, I did exactly what I said I would earlier today and it worked like a charm!
I did not come back to the computer after picking up DD1 and sure enough...I got some sewing done.
First, here`s the pattern of choice. You can`t see it on the pattern but the front facing is cut separately; that will give me a place for more material variety.

And no, I`m not making the dog shirt; the pattern doesn`t come big enough for Scooby. I am thinking about how to use the styling though; it might solve the jacket slipping problem we have right now. Hmmmm

I`m making just a top from it and lengthening it a fair bit so it`s more like an old fashioned night shirt that goes almost to my knees instead of just a top. Kind of a cross between a pyjama top and
a nightgown.

This is going to be my ``frugal`` shirt so it`s going to take a bit more work. The plan was to make it all from leftovers from pyjamas I`ve made the girls over the years. Of course, the plan doesn`t seem to be quite working out the way I planned, but I`m used to that. lol
It seems that I don`t have quite as much left overs as I thought I did. But not to worry, frugality is not stumped that easily!!!

Instead of just material from past pyjamas I`m also taking apart 2 pairs of pyjama pants that I have. I don`t wear them very often and since that still leaves me one old pair AND 2 new pairs from Christmas presents - more than enough.

1 pair, I`m going to use,is from a MASSIVE pyjama sewing I did 2 years ago. Instead of just pyjamas for my 2 girls I did theirs, a pair for my BFFs daughter and pants for BFF and I. I got them all done before Christmas and we had a `family`picture done in January. Tres cute!
Because of the great memories with that sewing project and that material I think I`d rather have some of that material in a new shirt than in pants I rarely wear.

So, as of tonight the pattern is adjusted, the back is cut and part of the front facings are cut. And I have the plan for the front and the sleeves. Not a bad days work.....once I finally got working!
Now, I better get back to ripping out some seams, those pants aren`t going to take themselves apart!

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