Friday, December 11, 2009

Disney Day 3

Well,  had another late night so I'm writing this on Day 4 LOL

Yesterday we went swimming (okay *I* went hot tubbing! LOL) and had a later start. We decided to start in California Adventure today.

Of course we had to start with Bug's Life.
The girls and I walked around and had a drink while BFF and her DD went to see the movie. There we saw the funny benches they have. I love them!

In case you can't quite figure them out - they're "made" out of used popsicle sticks! LOL 

The one advantage to having my girls so much older than BFF's? They get to take the little one on the little rides if she'll let them. Gives the adults a chance to have a little adult time.

I loved the flowers in Bug's Life, especially these;

And we met a new friend.

After BLife we headed off for Paradise Pier but a lot of it is under construction so we didn't find too much to actually do.
So we just wandered, some of us a margerita (so-so) and S and I went on Mulhullond Madness. Not really a roller coaster but it was enough for me to think I' left body parts on some of the corners and my stomach at the first drop! LOL

On the way out to go for dinner we passed this

It's part of Grizzly River Run.....which we're NOT going on. LOL

Dinner was at The Rainforest Cafe which BFFs daughter loves. We got her Christmas present there too.

Some shopping occured after that....we stopped at the Pearl place. I didn't buy the earrings I was looking at ($300 plus) but I was a little bad and bought a pearl and a ring setting so I now have a complete jewelry set in pearls.

After dinner we headed back to Disneyland to see the Fantasmic Show. It was lovely.

Then we headed off to Tomorrowland for a couple more rides and a little more shopping.

We did Star Tours and Astro Blasters which were both fun but we'll have to go back for Space Mountain.

As an addendum - a ring I bought earlier.

Very sweet and a lot less bling then most I've seen. I like it!

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