Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Disney Day 2

First up today; face painting! S, BFFs DD1 and moi.

Then we have the Riverboat review 

And my new favorite coffee cup. I love it!

We got some of the "big" rides in today. That's something we didn't get done at all when we were here the first time. For some reason that time the girls weren't interested in rides at all. Go figure.
So this time I insisted! So today we went on Haunted Holiday Mansion - pretty good, and Pirates of the Caribbean - not bad, and Indiana Jones - yikes! Indiana Jones was good except for two things; the spiders (ick! LOL) and the walk! no one told me we had to walk to India to get to it!!!!!! Man, I thought that walk would never end.

1/2 the crew went home at that point but S and I stayed to return a broken necklace and sneak in the Jungle Cruise.
The funniest thing of the day; on the Jungle Cruise the pilot asks some people where they are from and the people in the front on our side.......from the same town we are!!!!!!!!!!
Now how weird is that?!?!? Especially since it's not really that big a town folks.

Then it was back to the resort for dinner and back to Disney for the fireworks. Unfortunately tonight's fun involved my camera quitting on me because of "frame no. full. I had to wait until we got back to the resort to google it and figure out how the heck I was going to take more pictures. Fortunately the fix was quick and not that hard to find.

The fireworks were lovely even without a camera and we got to see it "snow" which is always fun.

After that we snuck in a couple for little rides in Wonderland which was fun.

Whew!!!!!! Reading all that - no wonder we were tired when we got home. Of course the fact it was Midnight, might have helped. LOL

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