Saturday, January 2, 2010

An afternoon full of sewing

Ahhh, a quiet day, how I loved it! I did some reading, some laundry (sadly real life intruded but you can't win them all) and got some sewing done! Yay!

The Frugal Pj's aren't quite done but I got a lot accomplished today.
Neck band on and facing on neckband, sleeve band on sleeves and sleeves on body, edge stitching done to hold stuff down on facing and sleeve bands and I got the side seam started. I'm still not sure about the length so I didn't sew the side seam to the bottom. I want it farther down than it is but I don't think I want it to the bottom. I've marked 12 inches from where it is now and will sew that up tomorrow and see how I like it.
My thought right now is sew the 12 and then make the hem like a curved shirt hem. I think that will suit the sort of "old fashioned night shirt' type of feeling this is giving me.
In lieu of photos of the shirt/pj's in progress here's the fabrics I'm using where they're from and what they're being used for.

From top to bottom;
2 years ago (all of us, I cut apart my pants) for one front, and one sleeve.
C's last year for the back and the neck band.
S's this year for a front and a sleeve band
C's this year for a sleeve and a sleeve band.

On the side is a cut apart pair of pj pants from quite a few years ago. I only used that for the front band facing. I needed a long strip so pants I don't use seem like a better idea than piecing a couple of strips.
Pretty this shirt will not be, but warm, functional and frugal it will!!!

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