Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Happy Coincidence

 Yesterday I had the oddest coincidence happen. Happily it was a good one.

It started a little while ago when Adele Margolis died. Now, at the time of her death I had never heard of her but a lot of the sewing blogs that I read (and only found recently) talked quite a lot about it when it happened and how it was a lose to the sewing world and then (music to my ears) about how she had written quite a few WONDERFUL sewing books.
Sewing books?!?! I wonder if I can find any of her sewing books? I thought. Now understand dear readers...I love sewing books, especially older sewing books. I could even say that I collect old sewing books. I try to keep it under control but it doesn't always work. I have a few (nope, not gonna admit how many!) and I would love more! But sadly for me my local library didn't have any by Adele and I can't afford to buy any right now.

If we back track a little farther in time; prior to Ms Margolis' death we have me at one of my favorite events - the Rotary Club Book Sale. This event held every year at the local mall. Tables upon tables are lined up with a host, nay a bevy of books for folks to peruse. These are often books that no bookstore wants or ones that people have decided to donate to a worth cause. I love the Rotary Book Club Sale and I can always find something there I want. The craft/home ec section is usually my first stop although I've been known to stop and the SciFi section on the way by. This year's scores included a Martha Stewart Christmas craft book, an illustrated copy of The DaVinci Code (for $2!!!) and a new (well, for me) sewing book from 1969. Yum!
On the way home that day I popped my new sewing book into my work bag. It's always good to have something to read at work (which sounds funny from a Librarian doesn't it?) just in case.

Fast forward to last night and I'm stuck in traffic waiting for a train to pass. Wow the train is moving slloooowwww. What to do? Ah! I have that new sewing book in my work bag; which is in the car. So I pull it out and take a good look at it.....lo and behold! It's How to Make Clothes That Fit and Flatter by(drum roll please!) Adele P Margolis!!!!

Here I've been reading about this great woman and coveting her books while I HAD one in my bag! I was so stunned I just sat there for a minute and stared before I started reading.

Man, I LOVE the Rotary Book Club sale!!! I can't wait until this fall to see what treasures I can discover.

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