Monday, January 18, 2010

Ahhh, flannel

So, last night was my first night sleeping in my lovely (okay, maybe not physically lovely, but in the dark they felt lovely!) new pyjama shirt.
And I'm left with one important question.....Why didn't I ever make one before now !?!?!?!?!? All these years I've been making the girls pyjamas for Christmas and in all that time I've only ever made myself a pair of pants....and I don't usually wear flannel pants. What was I thinking?!?
So this year, I hereby promise myself that I will tweak my pattern (it's not quite what I'd love it to be) and come the time to go shopping for flannel for Christmas pj's....I'm getting some for me too!!!
I too will have new pj's in 2010! Well, at least a long shirt, 'cause like I said, I don't wear the pants! LOL
Now to figure out what I need to tweak.

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