Sunday, January 17, 2010

Check one off the list!

Yay! The Frugal Pj shirt is done! DONE!!!!
I finished up the buttonholes yesterday and sewed the buttons on while chatting with a friend early this afternoon.
I have to admit that I was worried about this. See, I love the excitement of a a new project, and with the challenge of the kimono facing me I was kind of worried that I would drop the shirt and then it would end up in the UFO pile, never to be seen again.
But I didn't! Yay!
It probably helped that I could "work" on the kimono by washing the material, while I was doing the buttonholes. The buttons were easy as I'm always looking for something to with my hands while I watch TV or sit and chat. I am so thrilled that I got this done and here are the final pictures.

Also accomplished this weekend - a new soup recipe made with (drum roll please) my own home made stock! Wow am I ever coming up in the cooking world! I have never made stoc before but with the success of last weeks soup I thought it was time. I made it in the crock pot over night and I have to say; the house smelled divine when we got up Saturday morning. Yum! And since the carcass was from dinner the night before - the stock cost diddly to make. I bought a leek, carrots, celery and then added some!
Now, I will admit to also having bought broth at the grocery store...just in case my stock didn't work out. LOL but I didn't need it. wohoo.

Nothing much to report on the kimono project. I have the math all done and the fabric is now all washed. Payday is this week so Friday I'll head out to the local fabric store and get interfacing. I'm going to need that for the obi. I'm also going to get something to reinforce the seams on the kimono as the fabric is very shred-y and I want to make sure the seams hold. With the fabric only being 36" wide I have NO room for error here.

C did some baking today. I think her watching Food network when she comes home from school is a good thing. LOL Tonight we watched Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food. She made me go find the recipe for the pasta in creamy sauce with peas It looked good on the show and looks easy enough it might become a recipe for one of our busy nights if it turns out well. I would really like something new for that. I like the idea of the Ministry of Food. It's kind of a cool thing to resurrect. Our society seems to have become lost in some ways. Frugal things being one of them. The basics of sewing and cooking and all that being another. And we are so quick to dispose of things! Ack! That really annoys me.

Oh well, off the soap box and out to walk the dog for me. Ta!

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