Friday, January 8, 2010

I have been Challenged!!

Well, not me directly, I'm taking this on for all creative parents. Let me explain.

Next month the Olympics are coming to BC. My daughters school is really getting into the spirit. Each class has picked a country; S's class is Japan. They are going to have an "opening ceremony" type parade and each class is to have flags and stuff to carry in the parade to show which country they belong to.
Mr D (S's teacher) thought that someone carrying the flag wearing a kimono would be cool. So he asked if anyone had one. One's girls cousin does but she's not sure she can borrow it because it came from Japan and it's silk (silk seems to scare people a bit, I'm not sure why). Mr D was sad :-( and said that's too bad and it's too bad no one could make one.
HA said I when I heard that. (Coming from DD with that wistful look in her eye - she knows her Mom can't resist a sewing challenge, the smart girl.)
"I can make a kimono!" 

In fact I've made kimono's before, they really aren't that difficult. They are just straight geometric shapes. Now, ask me to make full court garb from the Heian dynasty? That's hard! A regular Western influence kimono? Easy peasy! Like I said, I've made them before, albiet a long time ago in Unviversity but even then I don't remember them as being hard.

So this morning I did some research, found some great websites and soon I'll be off buying fabric. Of course I'll test it out on a sheet from the thrift store first. If that works it will become the white under-kimono that's usually worn.

Can't make a kimono? HA!

Great websites I'll be using here;
Simple sewing instructions
Wonderful pictures for dressing and tying the Obi
Lovely detailed pictures on dressing and tying an Obi with lots of styles of Obi

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