Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Schedules are like roads

I was driving to work today thinking about how the day was a little messed up because my schedule was different; I hadn't gone straight to work, I had done some work in town first.

That made me think about a friend of mine commenting on my morning schedule and how boring that must make my life. I don't think so, I find comfort in my schedule; knowing that if I do things by a certain time in the morning I won't be rushed, I won't be yelling at my kids to get a move on.

And then I started thinking about how my morning schedule is kind of like my drive to work. I've been driving to the same job in virtually the same place for 19 years now (with some time off for maternity leave of course) and some people would consider that boring. But as I drove along I saw the swans that winter in the area flying over head. They were sooooo beautiful. And I saw a little bunny by the road; soooo cute. And then a shaft of sunlight hit the top of a snow dusted mountain; breathtaking.

And all of those are things I would have missed, had I not been comfortable with my regular drive. I like to think my schedule is working the same way; it lets the everyday things become the drive and the special moment I might otherwise miss is the swans and bunny and sun; all beautiful.

I think I'll keep my schedules.

On a totally different note I found this wild yarn at Walmart last night and had to buy someto try it out. It's Red Heart Pomp-a-doodle and it's like pompoms on yarn. See it here PompaDoodle
It came with a free pattern for a scarf and I started it at work today. I couldn't help myself! I just had to see! It's great. Now I'm thinking about making some for next years Christmas presents. It's so fun I can think of lots of people who would like one. Maybe I can make scarves a theme?

No actual sewing to report today although I am planning the next thing I'm going to sew.
I need to insulate some windows in the house with reflective batting window inserts. They'd be like curtains but they will velcro into the window frame to make the best seal. I plan to do at least one window in my bedroom and some in the big living room window. Those ones of course won't be sealed to the frame all the way around because even if I tried the cats would soon "deal" with that. The living room window ledge is a favorite spot.

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