Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometimes not sewing is satisfying too.

Not a bit of sewing got done yesterday, not even a thought of it really.
Well maybe a thought or two, after all I *did* get to the fabric store and I did buy stuff, and I bought other sewing related stuff in other places too.
Hmmm, maybe the day was more sewing related than I thought.

We got up very late yesterday, I think staying up after midnight might be at fault there ;-) I'm not even sure of the last time I stayed up that late.
At 10:30 or so we went to go pick up C from her NYEve sleep-over. Only she and her step-sister were awake when we got there and they sure hadn't been up long. They hadn't gotten much sleep either. Seems they all decided to stay up as late as they could - 6 am or so! Yikes! Ah, to be young again. I can (vaguely) remember staying up all night until the next morning; it seems so long ago.

After picking C up we headed up the freeway to do some returns. C's shirt from AD was just a wee bit too small. The XS size from the Gap works for her in stretchy shirts but not in woven material.
We had the funniest time at the Gap while the poor clerk wrestled a bit with his computer which refused to accept that the shirt was on the gift receipt. He was funny and he won in the end.
C was too bleary eyed to find something new at the store (they were sold out of the ruffled shirt in her size....actually every size but 1 in XS) so we just got a card and we'll go back when she's had more sleep. Gift cards are a great motivator for me to get out of town (not something I do a lot!)
We signed up for a new card system and notification thing from the Gap while we were there. I'm hoping we'll find out about new stuff and sales so we're reminded to go back and use the card.

Our next stop was The Body Shop. What can I say? I'm addicted to Satsuma! So we picked up a couple things and the girls in there were so fantastic they even gave me a Canadian membership thingy for free when they couldn't make my US one work. It's sad but I get to The Body Shop in Bellis Fair lately more often then the closer one down the road. Yikes, I need to get out more!

Then we wandered over to Sears to see if they had anything that might inspire me to use my gift card. Well, no griddle pans to use on the stove (I'm thinking 2nd hand store for that) but I did find a load of kitchen stuff I needed/wanted and most of it was on sale!

(the cute little non-kitchen tool in the picture is our little tabby Zoe) 

Plus I decided that a new set of scissors wouldn't go wrong either. I love my rotary cutter but sometimes a girl just needs scissors!

I still have some room left on my card so I'll be back for mor picture frames later (they had a pitiful selection....lots of frames for Christmas presents I think)

Then we drove home, dropped the sleepy C off and S and I headed out to the local mall to try and do an exchange for BFF. No luck there so I have another gift card in my purse. LOL

Our next stop was Value Village. I've been doing a lot of reading about vintage sewing and patterns etc and it's a good fit for me since I was already collecting vintage sewing books for fun before so I decided to see if VV carried patterns....I had no idea, as I've never looked before!

Well sure enough they do and some sewing books too!
So I picked up these 4 patterns (although I have no idea what I'm going to do with them!) and a new book for my collection.
The skirt and scarf pattern appear to still be in the factory folds from a cursory look.

I got the 1952 copy but they had a newer one there as well. 1959 maybe? I can't quite remember.  If it's still there the next time I go back I might get it, just to see what the differences are. It was only $3 so why not?

After VV we headed out to the fabric store. I need buttons for my Frugal Pj's. I looked but I just don't have enough of the right size :-(
I also wanted to see what kind of deal they had going on Christmas fabric. I've been thinking about  gift bags and have been reading about using fabric to wrap so I wanted to see if I could get some material for it. I didn't find a lot but at 70% off I managed to find 4 I liked.

None are too cute or too Christmasy which I really wanted. I bought a  metre of each except for the bottom one; I bought 2m of that one. It's just a plain deep red with a lot of quiet shine to it. I really liked it and with no print it's very versatile. I like that in fabric AND wrapping! LOL
All totaled my fabric trip was less than $20 and that included the buttons! I love sales.

After that S and I were pooped and headed home. We spent the rest of the night just lazing around and putting together a new "tower" (aka skinny bookcase) I had bought. It will be nice to get some more stuff organized.

Hopefully today will have more sewing!

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