Sunday, January 3, 2010

Only the buttons left

Just one more step to go and my Frugal pyjama shirt will be wearable. Yay! I managed to get almost 45 minutes of sewing snuck in today between visiting and laundry and grocery shopping. Of course I had to sacrifice the last hour of the Stargate Universe marathon but hey, that's what DVRs are for, right?

Once I get another slot of time the button holes should go quite quickly I just need to figure out where to put them. The buttonhole patterns never seem to work for me so I always have to play around. What I really need is one of those magical buttonhole spacer devices to help me out.
Sadly I don't have one of those :-(
Maybe I need to start a list of sewing tools that I need (ironing ham) or would *really* like (buttonhole spacer thingy) and hand it around close to my birthday. Hmmm.
Well that's it for todays update. Tomorrow it's back to school and work. The girls are really looking forward to going back to school. I can't say I feel quite as enthusiastic but I do miss some of my work stuff. It's going to be hard to get out of bed tomorrow morning after all the sleeping in we've done lately though. ICK! ick ick ick.

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